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Rediscover nature with a donkey

Hiking trips in nature between Tarn and Aveyron


Days/donkeys 1 donkey 2 donkeys 3 donkeys
½ day30 €60 €consult us
1 day45 €85 €consult us
2 days85 €160 €consult us
3 days125 €240 €consult us
4 days160 €310 €consult us

General conditions

  • Reception 
    We can accommodate you our bed and breakfast (capacity of 5 people). You can also share our evening meal and breakfast. If you have to come by train we can pick you up at Albi station.
  • The materials  
    The equipment necessary for the equipment of your donkey is provided to you: a halter and a lanyard, a pack, a blanket and a carpet, a pair of saddlebags, a peg, a waterproof tarpaulin, a kit of care for the donkey.
    The maps IGN 1 : 25.000, the route of your route and the topos-guides of the region that you cross are loaned to you.
    An inventory is established at the start and the return: any damaged or lost material is due. You are responsible for the health and well-being of your donkey.
  • Services
    You will leave with a donkey for 2 or 3 people. You will do 8 to 16 km a day, 3 to 6 hours of walking. The day before or the morning of your departure:
    You will meet your companion and learn how to lead him. We will proceed with an initiation of belling (how to fix the pack, sort of wooden saddle that is used to carry the luggage) and the loading of your donkey, you will practice all the necessary advice to the good conduct of your donkey, so that your hike takes place in good conditions We will study together your itinerary. We can at your request take care of the reservation of your accommodation.
  • The donkeys 
    Their load is limited to 40 kg. The bags are weighed before your departure. In case of injury or lameness, we intervene in the half-day. A meadow is prepared at each accommodation with their ration for the night.
  • The pricing 
    Prices are firm and final for the current year.
  • Inscription 
    It is taken into consideration upon receipt of the signed registration form and payment of the deposit. We will then send you our confirmation with all the necessary details relating to your stay. The balance will be paid on the morning of your departure.
  • Annulation 
    A withdrawal of registration between 30 days and 8 days before the ride will result in a cancellation fee of 30% of the amount of the offer. If the withdrawal occurs within 8 days of the hike, these costs are 50% of the amount of the hike.
  • Services not provided
    If the planned services have not been provided partially or totally of our fact, we propose you another date of excursion or a partial or total refund of the sums paid. If however the stay is shortened by your fact (late arrival, early departure ...), no refund can be required.
  • The assurances  
    We ask you to have your own liability insurance. Indeed, you are during the time of your responsible hike of the donkey which is under your care, thus of the damage which it could cause. Take care your insurance has a pets extension: donkeys on a hike.
    "The owner of an animal or the person who uses it, while in his use, is liable for the damage caused by the animal whether the animal was in his care or lost or escaped. "(Article 1385 of the Civil Code). We recommend personal injury insurance. You benefit from our liability insurance for any bodily injury or material damage that we would have been liable to you.
  • Assistance
    If an incident occurs during your hike (sick or injured person or animal) the repatriation costs are your responsibility if your liability is involved. We remind you that the donkey is carrying the luggage. Children ride on the donkey only under the full responsibility of their parents. The donkey must be held on a leash.
  • Risks 
    Everyone should be aware that any activity in nature involves a risk, however minimal. He undertakes not to blame the "Donkeys of le Bosc" or other service providers for any accidents. We can not be held responsible for accidents due to carelessness.
  • The tracks 
    They follow marked and maintained footpaths. The tours that we offer include accommodation points for you and your donkey: campsites on the farm or municipal (low capacity), bed and breakfast, cottages, hotels, different possibilities according to your convenience, knowing that it will be necessary in some cases to book your accommodation in advance. They will be set at each step. If the conditions require it, we reserve the right to modify your itinerary or other services. If this is possible, we will be warned.
  • Animals 
    Everyone remains free to go with their pet. However, we draw your attention to the risks and constraints that this may entail. We ask you to keep us informed: some accommodations do not accept animals, we must study your itinerary accordingly.
  • Association
    We are an "association loi 1901"

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Les Ânes du Rafinenc
Bastien Trévesaïgues
Lieu-dit Rafinenc
81340 Trébas
Tel: 05 63 58 35 70
port : 06 78 25 20 46
GPS: 43.959145, 2.487311

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