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Rediscover nature with a donkey

Hiking trips in nature between Tarn and Aveyron

Day trips

Nearby: GR 36, trail of the Tarn Valley, country roads.

Day trips: various routes in the Regional Park of the Grands Causses along the river Rance, or in the Upper Valley of the Tarn from Trébas.

We advise you on choosing your route. Appropriate equipment is provided (packs, saddle bags, cards 1: 25 000 IGN ...) And of course all the advice necessary for the proper running of your donkey trip.

Hiking trips of several days

Trips for the weekend of 2 to 3 days:

Circuit of Ambialet: 

The circuit ventures into the hidden world of Segala, steep ravines, a fresh and wooded world of oaks or chestnuts. It alternates between valleys and plains that come together in the beautiful town of Ambialet, peninsula surrounded by a famous meander of the Tarn - 32 km.

Circuit of Combradet :

A hill above the Tarn, a path in the forest bordered by low walls, to Combradet, a small village overlooking the valley and on the other side, where the vegetation is so different - 30 to 35 km.

Circuit  of Coupiac :

Travel to the Pays des 7 Vallons, from one village to the next through the Rance valley, then the chestnut forests and the Rayrolles plateau overlooking the valley of the river Mousse - 30 km.

Circuit of Martrin :

Still in the Land of the 7 Vallons, you cross the villages of Plaisance, Saint Exupère and its church of the 15th century, then Martrin and Cayla, junction on a rocky spur above the valley of the river GOS.

Big hiking trips

Trip along the river Tarn :

Trip throughthe Monts d'Alban :

Whether you decide to go to Albi or follow the Tarn to the castle of Brousse and why not to the foot of the Mont Lozère, Pont-de-Monvert where the Tarn is an accumulation of large boulders, you traverse grandiose and varied landscapes and villages whose old stones speak of their past.

- The Bosc-Albi (St Juéry) in 3 stages for 40 km.
- The Bosc-Brousse-castle-Truel-Ayssene-St Rome Tarn 70 km in 5 to 7 stages.

With these hikes, it is necessary to stay overnight and give the donkeys their rest. This is the responsibility of the walker.
There are various options for overnight accommodation, varying from guesthouses, hotels, or lodging at inns or campsites according to the various routes.
We can advise you.


Les Ânes du Rafinenc
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Lieu-dit Rafinenc
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