Les Ânes du

Rediscover nature with a donkey

Hiking trips in nature between Tarn and Aveyron

We welcome you at Le Rafinenc, a small isolated farm in the middle of a chestnut grove, on a hill above the Tarn. This is where we raise and take care for our donkeys that can become your traveling companions for several hours or several days.

We offer you :

walks and hikes, accompanied by one or more donkeys, who tirelessly carry your backpack, luggage and young children when they are tired (under the responsibility of the parents).

Wonderful or unusual, these walks immerse you in the heart of nature. Thanks to the donkey, you will experience nature more intensely than ever before. 

The presence of these animals opens many doors in the areas where you pass through.

Count 1 donkey for 2 to 4 people.

Donkeys will guide you at a steady pace of 3 to 4 km / h, provided they get their maximum load (max. 40 kg) and their need for food and rest.
The grass of the paths will be their staple food and they will take some kilos of grain to supplement their rations.
You do 8 to 16 km per day, depending on your pace or the level of difficulty of the circuit.
We will give you all necessary advice for a smooth walking of your trip before your departure and give you a guide "tips for driving a donkey during a walk".

Peace and space . . .


Les Ânes du Rafinenc
Bastien Trévesaïgues
Lieu-dit Rafinenc
81340 Trébas
Tel: 05 63 58 35 70
port : 06 78 25 20 46
GPS: 43.959145, 2.487311

Roadmap :
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