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Rediscover nature with a donkey

Hiking trips in nature between Tarn and Aveyron

The Pays de Roquefort part of the former province of Rouergue, stretches between the Albigensen region and the Gorges du Tarn in the Regional Natural Park of the Grands Causses in the Midi-Pyrénées region.
The slopes of the valleys, once the domain of extensive vineyards, are now a marvelous mixture of meadows, chestnut forests and oak forests where sheep have been raised for almost 4,000 years, the milk of which is intended for the production of Roquefort cheese.
A robust country in terms of its architecture, where the slate is represented everywhere, cliffs and paths carved into the slate, remains of fortifications, villages on rocky tracks, castles, churches, and Occitan crosses ...

Brousse le Château

A country that lives in the framework of many small valleys with streams and rivers.
The villages bath in the flownof the River Rance, rippling or, at times, running wildly, controlled by barriers (dams built of stones). With every meander it is a new landscape, a new valley that presents itself to the eye, a new desire to rest there.

At 400m. altitude the village of La Bastide Solages dominates the valleys of the Tarn and the Rance and offers a beautiful view of their confluence.
On the one hand the Aveyron department, on the other the Tarn.


Les Ânes du Rafinenc
Bastien Trévesaïgues
Lieu-dit Rafinenc
81340 Trébas
Tel: 05 63 58 35 70
port : 06 78 25 20 46
GPS: 43.959145, 2.487311

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